The Cold War: Did Stalin Start It, And Reagan Win It? (Modern History)

Interactive Cold War presentation

Dr Gavin Daly is a lecturer in Modern European History at the School of Humanities. Gavin will join your class in person or via Zoom to talk about some of the key historical debates and controversies of the Cold War.  In this session, Gavin is keen to share his knowledge and passion for European history, to support your students and encourage a love of history and debate.


  • Suitable for Year 11 and 12 Modern History classes
  • Open to Tasmanian schools only
  • Designed to support the Year 11 and 12 Curriculum and available for your classroom
  • This interactive presentation with Q&A can be delivered at your school either in person or online
  • Expected duration of approximately 1 hour
  • Invite Dr Daly to present to your class/school by completing the registration form below

Dr Gavin Daly is a Senior Lecturer in European History in the School of Humanities. He works in the fields of late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century British and French history.

Gavin completed a PhD on the history of Napoleonic France at the University of NSW before taking up a position as lecturer in Modern European History at Murdoch University, WA, between 1998-2002. Gavin joined the University of Tasmania in 2003.

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