Agriculture: Engaging students in STEM - Teacher Resource Booklet

Explore this booklet, offering an excellent suite of engaging hands-on, in-class and outdoor experiments designed by the agricultural science team at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture with their partners: Dairy Tas and Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc.

Download Teacher Resource Booklet (PDF 4.5MB)

The practical experiments outlined in this booklet are designed and adapted to engage students in concepts and skills used by agricultural scientists and the agriculture industry. They can also be used to teach and reinforce aspects of many curriculums of science and food-related school subjects.

From Yeasty Beasties to Champion Chips and opening a Can o' Worms,  this resource has something for every STEM class and cohort.

Experiment with:

  • Laboratory Science
  • Kitchen Science
  • Fermentation
  • Garden Science
  • Class Room Science
  • Farm Planning
  • and, Mathematical Marvels