Changing patterns of employment on the West Coast

Tasmania's West Coast has hosted key industries for over a century and is becoming more strategically important and is likely to experience increased investment in coming years given the energy transition and demand for base metals.

This research, conducted for the West Coast Council, highlights the continuing increase in drive-in/drive-out (DIDO) workers employed on the West Coast. The report argues that high occurrences of DIDO workforces can erode the extent to which local communities benefit from and ultimately support these industries.

The report contends that a long-term collaborative approach to investing in community infrastructure will be required to enhance the liveability of the West Coast and the long-term viability of the industries it supports.

The University will be working with the West Coast Council, State Government, industries and communities in 2023 to address some of the challenges identified in this report.

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The West Coast Council commissioned the TPE's first paper: The changing nature of employment on Tasmania's West Coast (PDF 4.4 MB).