Community Bio - David Gough

David Gough, is a Tasmanian Aboriginal man, and proud descendant of Dalrymple Johnson (nee Briggs), and he and his family have a strong connection to our heritage and culture.

David's passion for culture, has him engaged as a member of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee for the Queen Victoria Museum. David also worked for the Tasmanian Museum and Arts Gallery last year, to facilitate a Men's Project. David's dedication to the preservation of Aboriginal culture and history has seen him complete accreditation for Tasmanian Aboriginal Heritage Management, and he is an active participant in his local Aboriginal community organisation, Six Rivers Aboriginal Corporation. A member also a Devonport City Council working party, that is investigating the working viability of Tiagarra in Devonport. David also works as an Aboriginal mentor in Tasmania and Victoria, working with long term unemployed people and placing them into the workforce.

David joins the Cradle Coast Campus of the University of Tasmania as a Cultural Advisory, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge of culture with the broader UTAS community.