Community Bio - Patsy Cameron

Patsy Cameron

Patsy Cameron grew up on Flinders Island and can trace her Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage through her mother's line to four ancestral grandmothers: pleenpereener, wyerlooberer and teekoolterme from the northeast Coastal Plains nation and Pollerelbener from the east coast Oyster Bay nation. At the head of her family is teekoolterme's father, the revered pairrebeener clansman and formidable warrior leader, mannalargenna.

Having worked at Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education at the Newnham campus of the University of Tasmania from 1991 to 2001, Patsy upholds a close interest in Aboriginal Higher Education.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Archaeology and Geography, and a Master of Art in Tasmanian Aboriginal History. Her thought provoking book Grease and Ocher: The blending of two cultures at the colonial sea frontier was published in 2011.

In recognition of over three decades of dedicated work in Aboriginal education, community affairs and promoting cultural heritage Patsy was inducted onto the Tasmanian Women's Honour roll in 2006.

Patsy continues her passion as a cultural heritage practitioner weaving traditional baskets, creating shell necklaces, working with kelp and whittling wooden implements. She facilitates Cultural Integrity Workshops, conducts interpretive walks on Country, undertakes Aboriginal research projects and cultural field trips around Tasmania, represents and reflects community views on many committees and reference groups and contributes to teaching programs at Riawunna on request.