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No Guaranteed Entry ATAR

Guaranteed Entry ATAR

Achievement of a specified ATAR will guarantee acceptance into a course or institution, subject to any non-ATAR criteria being met, such as a prerequisite study or English language proficiency.

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Minimum 1 Years, up to a maximum of 3 Years


Duration refers to the minimum and maximum amounts of time in which this course can be completed. It will be affected by whether you choose to study full or part time, noting that some programs are only available part time.


Unistart Period 1, Unistart Period 2
Unistart Period 1, Unistart Period 2
Cradle Coast
Unistart Period 1, Unistart Period 2
Rozelle - Sydney
Unistart Period 1
Darlinghurst - Sydney
Unistart Period 1
Distance Hobart
Unistart Period 1, Unistart Period 2

This course may not be available to international students. Please see the list of distance courses (i.e. online and taken outside Australia) that are offered to international students

UniStart is an academic transition program designed for all commencing undergraduate students. It equips students with the essential skills required for independent learning and success at University, such critical thinking, research skills and academic writing. Postgraduate students returning to study are also welcome to attend. UniStart is offered both on campus and via distance throughout multiple study periods.

Click on the following link to access details of UniStart dates and study options - http://www.utas.edu.au/unistart/

UniStart is a program designed to equip you with the essential skills required for independent learning and success at University, such as critical thinking, critical reading and academic writing. UniStart guides you through the skills and processes involved in preparing a university-level assignment and the requirements for studying at a tertiary level. UniStart also provides you with the opportunity to improve your skills in: using the University library effectively; navigating the online environment at the University of Tasmania; acclimatising to university; presentation skills; oral communication; and writing formally for university.

Course structure

UniStart aims to help you develop the essential skills required for independent learning and success at University so you can;

  • understand the process of preparing a university level assignment and what it means to write formally for university;
  • access and effectively use university learning resources such as the Library;
  • understand what is meant by academic honesty; use critical thinking in your  studies.
  • critically reflect on areas of strength and weakness in your academic skills

UniStart consists of:

  • a face-to-face program of lectures and workshops (on-campus mode) or online tutorials, information and activities (distance mode) before the beginning of each semester
  • online resources that can be accessed at any time during semester,
  • workshops and individual learning skills consultations available during semester, and
    independent learning.

Entry requirements

UniStart is free to all University of Tasmania students, except full fee-paying International students,

Domestic students: You can enrol in UniStart when you make your application. As you complete the online process, you will be asked if you want to enrol in Unistart. Tick the UniStart box. You will be sent an email inviting you to fill in a form on our website which will complete your enrolment. Alternatively, you can add UniStart (XLL001)  by going to our website and completing the online form (e.g. if you have accepted your offer and did not enrol in UniStart at the time or you are already enrolled at university).

Select the campus and mode of study: On-Campus in Hobart, Launceston, Cradle Coast, Rozelle (Semester 3 only) or St Vincent's (Semester 3 only) or by Distance. (If you choose to study On-campus in Hobart or Launceston in Semester 3, there are two offerings). Visit http://www.utas.edu.au/unistart/ for the dates of each program.

If you miss the on campus offerings but would still like to enrol, there will be a Distance offering for Semester 1 and you can enrol in this after the 16th of February. Just go to the UniStart website for details.

International Students

International students are not eligible to enrol in UniStart.

Fees & scholarships

Domestic students

Domestic students enrolled in a full fee paying place are charged the Student Services and Amenities Fee but this fee is incorporated in the fees you pay for each unit you enrol in. Full fee paying domestic students do not have to make any additional SSAF payments.

Domestic students enrolled in a Commonwealth supported place will be charged a fee based on the number of units they enrol in. In 2020, this fee is $46.20 per unit (of 12.5 credit points). In 2020, the maximum charge for full time students is $308.

International students

International students should refer to the International Students course fees page to get an indicative course cost.


For information on general scholarships available at the University of Tasmania, please visit the scholarships website.

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