Bachelor of Healthcare with Professional Honours (Clinical Redesign) (M4V)

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ATAR Clearly-In Rank

Clearly-in Rank

The Clearly-in Rank is the lowest score at which students were granted entry in the first offer round in 2015.

The Clearly-in rank should be used as a guide for entry. Note: entry to some courses requires a combination of criteria (ie. folio, interview, GMAT) not just ATAR alone.

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Minimum 2 Years, up to a maximum of 3 Years


Duration refers to the minimum and maximum amounts of time in which this course can be completed. It will be affected by whether you choose to study full or part time, noting that some programs are only available part time.


This course may not be available to international students. Please see the list of distance courses (i.e. online and taken outside Australia) that are offered to international students

Healthcare is fundamental to everybody, what clinical redesign is about is improving the healthcare service for patients. The initiatives explored in Clinical Redesign may have a small scope, but the outcomes may have a much larger impact.

In Australia and around the world, demand for healthcare services is escalating amidst pressures to do more with less – this calls for utilising existing resources more efficiently. The Bachelor of Healthcare with Professional Honours (Clinical Redesign) equips you to lead the positive change you want to see in healthcare service delivery.

Delivered over 2 years this fully flexible online program is designed to fit around the busy lives of professionals working in the healthcare industry:

  • build your practical skills and enhance your research capabilities
  • your expertise will be developed in planning, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based health service improvements
  • develop your advanced problem solving and analytical skills to help 'diagnose' service delivery issues and inefficiencies
  • implement solutions that can lead to lasting change, improved service delivery and sustainable health care

This course will also provide you with an opportunity to undertake research, building on topics that are of an interest to you and which you wish to explore in greater depth.

This is the perfect course for anyone motivated by positive change and improvement in healthcare whether you are a practising health professional in a public, private or not-for-profit organisation, or a healthcare service administrator. Your experience will be built upon to equip you with the essential skills, tools and knowledge to lead improvement initiatives. This implies better outcomes for consumers of healthcare.

So enhance your career opportunities and begin the journey into healthcare improvement today.

Graduates will have:

1. Knowledge – Specialised, Systematic and coherent knowledge that applies a system-wide and multidisciplinary approach to resolving Health Services and Healthcare improvement issues.
2. Evidence Based Practitioner skills: Cognitive skills to independently think critically and review, analyse, consolidate, and synthesise knowledge, and generate and evaluate solutions to complex health services and health improvement issues.
2a. Evidence based Practitioner - Comprehensive knowledge of the range of research principles, methods and frameworks applicable to health systems improvement within organisations
3. Leadership: Take responsibility and accountability for utilising their leadership and healthcare improvement skills required to plan, implement and evaluate clinical redesign initiatives.
4. Communication skills: Skills that facilitate transfer of complex knowledge and ideas to a variety of audiences

Career outcomes

Enhancement of their role as healthcare professionals with the ability to plan, implement and evaluate evidence-based healthcare/services improvements into practice. By consolidating and advancing communication skills, students will be able to build more effective relationships with patients and other health professionals.

Course structure

Entry requirements

University of Tasmania General admission standards apply for domestic students.  The Faculty of Health may accept as a candidate into the course either of the following:

  • A person who has completed an undergraduate degree of an Australian higher education institution or the equivalent standard in any other institution.
  • Equivalent experience and/or qualifications as deemed appropriate by the Dean, as delegated to the Course Coordinator.

The Bachelor of Healthcare with Professional Honours (Clinical Redesign) articulates directly with the Master of  Quality and Safety, Master of Clinical Nursing

Fees & scholarships

Domestic students

Domestic students enrolled in a full fee paying place are charged the Student Services and Amenities Fee but this fee is incorporated in the fees you pay for each unit you enrol in. Full fee paying domestic students do not have to make any additional SSAF payments.

International students

International students should refer to the International Students course fees page to get an indicative course cost.


For information on general scholarships available at the University of Tasmania, please visit the scholarships website.

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