Courses & Units

Course rules for E7I Master of Education (TESOL)


1. Candidates for the degree shall be qualified for entry if they are holders of an education degree offered by recognised tertiary education providers, or to holders of a degree in another disciplie with extensive, relevant work experience.

2. Candidates for the degree shall complete the Master of Education (TESOL) requirements, as hereinafter prescribed, in not less than one year of full-time study (or its equivalent) and not more three years from the time of first enrolment.

3. To qualify for the degree, the candidate shall: pass ten units comprising:

(a) A core of three units:  ESH714 plus ESM708 and ESG706 Or ESM720 and ESM721, plus

(b) A choice of any seven postgraduate coursework TESOL units,

4. The units which may be included in a course for the degree shall, unless otherwise approved by the Dean, be in accordance with Schedule A accompanying these specifications.

5. Units may be counted towards the degree only if they have been taken in accordance with prerequisites determined by the Faculty of Education and as summarized in Schedule A.

6. A candidate normally may not enrol in any year in units totaling more than 100% weighting, or if the candidate is in full-time employment during any given Semester, more than 50% weighting.

7. Where two or more units of the same name or content are offered within the University, only one may be counted towards the degree.

8. In every case the candidate's choice of units and the order in which they are taken shall be subject to approval by the Dean in accordance with the requirements of paragraph 3.

9. Passes in subjects or units in other courses (completed or otherwise) in this University or another approved tertiary institution (or other approved professional examining body) may be credited towards the degree, provided that the Faculty may specify what more a candidate so credited shall be required to do to qualify for the degree.

10. The Faculty may from time to time make amendments to the Schedules to these specifications.

11. These specifications shall take effect on 24 February 2014 and shall apply to all candidates for the degree, including those enrolling for the first time in that year and those enrolled subsequently: and to any candidates who, having commenced their studies for the Master of Education prior to that date, have not passed in any units towards the Master of Education by that date.

12. Candidates who have passed in appropriate units towards the Master of Education under the specifications in force prior to 24th February 2014 will be entitled to transfer to the degree with full equivalent credit, or to graduate in accordance with those Master of Education specifications operating at the time of their admission to candidature.

13. Should any difficulty arise for a candidate previously enrolled because of any difference between course requirements (such as required majors) and units offered under these specifications and those previously in force, the Faculty shall ensure that the candidate is not materially disadvantaged by these specifications.

14. The approved abbreviation for the degree shall be M.Ed (TESOL)