Courses & Units

Course rules for G4F Bachelor of Business with Honours


1 Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Business with Honours, shall have:
[i] qualified for admission to the degree of Bachelor of Commerce* in this University or have qualified in this or another university for a degree which is, in the opinion of the Faculty of Commerce equivalent to that degree; and
[ii] been accepted by the Faculty as being competent to enrol for the Honours Degree.
Course structure

2 The fields of study for Honours, approved by the Faculty, are listed in Schedule A.
3 A candidate shall pursue one of the fields of study, shown in Schedule A, in accordance with the requirements for that field of study, as outlined in Schedule B.
4 In all cases:
[i] A candidate shall present a dissertation in a form and on a topic approved by the head of the relevant school.
[ii] A candidate shall attend any lectures or seminars deemed necessary by the head of the relevant school and shall satisfactorily complete such written work as may be prescribed.
[iii] The honours examination shall be held at a time prescribed by the Faculty.
[iv] Full-time candidates shall take all parts of the examination in the one academic year. The examination shall be divided between two consecutive years in the case of part-time candidates. Provided that the Dean, on the advice of the head of school, may grant an extension of time to a candidate who has been prevented by illness or other serious cause from completing the requirements of the course within the prescribed period.
[v] There shall be no re-examination for honours except by special permission of the Faculty.
5 Candidates who have succeeded in obtaining Honours in any one field may, subject to the approval of Faculty, be permitted to proceed to Honours in any other field listed in Schedule A, provided that they undertake a minimum of a further year's full-time work (or its part-time equivalent) and provided that the units which comprised the earlier course are not included in the later course.
Classes of Honours

6 The classes of honours shall be first class, second class and third class. There shall be an upper and lower division in the second class.

7 The Faculty may from time to time make amendments to the schedules to these specifications.
[i] These specifications shall take effect on 1 January 1995 and shall apply to all candidates for the degree, including those
(a) enrolling for the first time in that year and those enrolled subsequently and to any candidates who, having commenced
(b)  their studies for the degree prior to that date, have not passed in any units towards the degree by that date.
[ii] Candidates who have passed in units towards the degree under the specifications in force prior to 1 January 1995 will be entitled to graduate in accordance with the specifications operating prior to the current degree [a].
8 The approved abbreviation for the degree of Bachelor of Business with Honours shall be BBus(Hons).
[a] Note: Should any difficulty arise for a candidate previously enrolled because of any difference between units offered under these specifications and subjects offered under requirements previously in force, the Faculty shall ensure that the candidate is not materially disadvantaged by these specifications.

* The Bachelor of Commerce was replaced by the Bachelor of Business.