Courses & Units

Course rules for M3N Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

  1. These course rules take effect on 01 January 2021
  2. Students are admitted to the course in accordance with relevant University Ordinances, policies and procedures.
    • Offers are made with firm offer-lapse dates. Applicants may not accept an offer after the offer-lapse date.
    • Quotas exist for applicants from rural and remote regions, recipients of a Tasmanian Certificate of Education or an equivalent qualification from a Tasmanian Senior Secondary School or College, Bonded Medical Places, Bachelor of Medical Research graduates. An individual applicant may be counted against more than one of the quota categories.
  3. The maximum completion time for the course is seven years.
  4. To graduate from the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, a student must satisfactorily complete 500 credit points of core study. Units comprising this core study may change in accordance with accreditation requirements.
  5. Enrolment conditions:
  • Students must study full time
  • Students may not normally enrol in any year in units totalling more than 100 credit points.
  • This course does include clinical placement. Students entering clinical practice in a clinical agency shall observe the rules, regulations, policies, protocols, procedures and bi-laws of that clinical agency
  • Students in the final two years of the course will be allocated to one of the three clinical schools at the discretion of the Dean of the Tasmanian School of Medicine and must comply with the Clinical School Allocation Procedure.
  1. Students will be permitted to exit the course and graduate with the M3O: Bachelor of Medical Science exit award where the requirements of the exit award have been met.
  2. Credit is not granted in this course.
  3. Students enrolled in a previous version of this course prior to 01 January 2021 may transfer to this version of the course with full equivalent credit and complete the course under the course rules listed here.