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Course rules for M4G Bachelor of Medical Research with Honours

Course Rules:

1. To qualify for entry applicants for the degree of Bachelor of Medical Research with Honours must have completed the Bachelor of Medical Research at this University, or obtained an equivalent qualification with a major or specialisation in a cognate discipline at this or another approved tertiary institution. Candidates would normally be expected to have obtained at least a credit average in their third year units. Candidature is subject to appropriate supervision being available for the approved thesis topic and subject to the applicant satisfying the prerequisites for the chosen field of study.

2. Candidates for the degree shall complete the requirements, as hereinafter prescribed, in not less than one separate year of full-time study (or its equivalent) and not more than three years from the time of first enrolment.

Course structure    
3. To graduate from the Bachelor of Medical Research with Honours, a student must satisfactorily complete 100 credit points of study from the list in the schedule.

Credit for previous studies    
4. No credit will be available for previous studies.

5. The classes of Honours shall be first class, second class, and third class. There shall be an upper and lower division in the second class.
6. The College of Health and Medicine may from time-to-time make amendments to the Schedules to these specifications.
7. These specifications shall take effect on 1 January 2021 and shall apply to all candidates for the degree, including those enrolling for the first time in that year and those enrolled subsequently.
8. A student enrolled in a previous version of this course prior to 1 January 2021 may transfer to this version of the course with full equivalent credit and complete the course under the course rules listed here.
9. The approved abbreviation for the degree of Bachelor of Medical Research with Honours shall be BMedRes(Hons).