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Course rules for Z1F Diploma of Applied Technologies


University College – Nested Diplomas

  1. These Specifications apply to the nested diplomas offered by the University College and listed in Schedule 1.  These specifications shall take effect on 1 September 2019 and shall apply to all candidates for the University College nested diplomas listed in Schedule 1.
  2. Candidates for the nested diplomas shall be admitted in accordance with Rule 6   Admission, Assessment and Student Progress.
  3. Candidates for the nested diplomas shall complete the course requirements in not more than 3 years. The maximum completion time will be calculated from the    commencement of the first unit which is passed and which counts towards the nested diploma requirements.
  4. Degree requirements
    1. Each nested diploma comprises 8 x 12.5 credit point units.
  5. Degree models

There is one type of nested diploma model offered by University College:

  1. Enrolment conditions
    1. Enrolment in the diploma, and all units comprising them, will be in accordance with requisites and enrolment conditions determined by the University College.
    2. When two or more units of the same name or content are offered within the University, only one may be counted towards the diploma
  1. Credit for previous studies Passes in units in other incomplete courses in this University or another approved tertiary institution may be credited towards the diploma and a course plan developed to detail the units required by the student to qualify for the diploma. The maximum credit granted will be in accordance with the limits as stated in Rule 6: Admission, Assessment and Student Progress.
  2. Transition Students who have passed units towards nested diplomas under the previous specifications will be entitled to transfer to the diplomas under these specifications with full equivalent credit. The transition for continuing students to these specifications will be managed to ensure that students are not disadvantaged.