Courses & Units

Course rules for X3Z Double Degree (5 year)

1. These course rules take effect on 1 January 2021.

2. The constituent courses that may be undertaken as part of the Double Degree (5 Year) include:

  • One Bachelor course with 300 credit points of non-elective components; and
  • One Bachelor course with 200 credit points of non-elective components.

The full list of available courses is maintained by Student Operations.

3. Students are admitted to the course in accordance with relevant University Ordinances, policies and procedures.

4. Students must select the two constituent courses undertaken in this Double Degree at the time of application and must meet admission requirements for both constituent courses.

5. The maximum completion time for the course is 11 years.

6. To graduate, a student must satisfactorily complete 500 credit points of study comprising 300 credit points from the first constituent course and 200 credit points from the second.

7. Students must meet any core and/or major and/or discipline elective requirements for each constituent course.

8. On graduation, students will receive a separate testamur for each constituent course.

9. Enrolment in all units is in accordance with requisites and/or restrictions determined by the relevant College or Division delivering the unit.

10. Students who have completed the graduation requirements of only one of the constituent courses may elect to exit the Double Degree with a single award for that course only.

11. Students who have met the requirements for an exit award of one of the constituent courses may elect to graduate from the exit award for that course. Where students taking an exit award for one constituent course wish to continue in the second constituent course their enrolment will be transferred to the second constituent course.

12. The maximum credit granted will be in accordance with the limits set down in the relevant University Ordinance.