Courses & Units

Course rules for M1A Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services

  1. These course rules take effect on 1 January 2021
  2. Students are admitted to the course in accordance with relevant University Ordinances, policies and procedures.
  3. The maximum completion time for the course is 3 years.
  4. To graduate from the Diploma of Ageing Studies and Services, a student must satisfactorily complete 100 credit points of study comprising 8 core units.
  5. 5. Enrolment conditions:
    • Enrolment in all units is in accordance with requisites and/or restrictions determined by the relevant College or Division delivering the unit;
    • A candidate normally may not enrol in any semester in units totalling more than 50% weighting.
  6. The maximum credit granted will be in accordance with the limits set down in relevant University Ordinance.