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Dynamics, special relativity, electromagnetism and electrical circuits are studied in depth. Topics in dynamics include vectors, Newton's Laws, energy and momentum conservation, friction, rotational motion and torque. Special relativity covers time dilation, length contraction, Lorentz position and velocity transforms, relativistic momentum and energy.  Topics in electromagnetism include, electric charge and fields, Gauss Law, DC circuits, capacitors and inductors, Kirchoff's Law, Thevenin equivalent circuits Lorntz force and the hall effect, Fariday's Law and Lenz's Law, self inductance, AC circuits, reactance and impedance and power transfer.

Leading to the second semester unit KYA102, this unit is designed for students who expect to major in physics, as well as for those who will major in other physical or biological sciences, mathematics and computer science.

Summary 2021

Unit name Physics 1A
Unit code KYA101
Credit points 12.5
Faculty/School College of Sciences and Engineering
School of Natural Sciences
Discipline Physics

Teaching staff

Prof S Ellingsen, Dr S Shabala

Level Introductory
Available as student elective? Yes
Breadth Unit? No



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PHY415115 Physics (or KYA004) and MTM415117 Mathematics Methods (or KMA003) or TCE score of 80 or more (subject to counselling and approval by Head of Physics)



Mutual Exclusions

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Teaching Pattern

4 lectures, 1 tutorial, weekly (13 wks),6 x (2hr lab).

For off-campus students, lectures are recorded and a specific off-campus tutorial session will be arranged. Off-campus students will also need to attend a practical session which is done over a two or three day block in week 11 of semester in Hobart.


3-hr end-of-sem paper (45%), continuous assessment (55%)

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