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Art Forum Archival Impulse


Noted artists, critics, theorists and curators from Australia and abroad speak about their work

Start Date

27 May 2011 12:30 pm

End Date

27 May 2011 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre (behind the cafeteria on level one) at the Centre for the Arts, Hunter Street, Hobart

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Lectures are open to the public, admission is free -


Image: Claudia Terstappen, Birds, 2011

This special, extended art forum has been organised to accompany the exhibition, An Archival Impulse, which will open in the Plimsoll Gallery on the same evening at 5.30pm.

The exhibition includes works by Brook Andrew, Gerrard Dixon, Ross Gibson & Kate Richards, Susan Hiller, Vid Ingelevics, Jacob Leary, Nancy Mauro-Flude, Milan Milojevic, Elisabeth Redmond, Claudia Terstappen.

Seminar Speakers include Exhibition curators: Dr Brigita Ozolins, Dr Ruth Frost & Elisabeth Redmond Artists: Gerrard Dixon, Vid Ingelevics, Jacob Leary, Nancy Mauro-Flude & Kate Richards with Guest speakers: Dr Wendy Garden & Netty Gibson.

Inspired by Hal Foster’s 2004 of the same title, the exhibition features the work of eleven artists who use both public and private archival material to explore themes that include history, memory, truth, identity, hybridity and the everyday. While the ideas, media and approaches taken by each artist are diverse, collectively their work reflects what Foster describes as a desire ‘to connect what cannot be connected’. Foster argues that this archival impulse is underscored, not by a typically postmodern sense of trauma about the past, but by an almost utopian longing to ‘recoup failed visions in art, literature and everyday life…’

The seminar will feature short presentations by the curators, many of the artists in the exhibition, and guest speakers, who each reflect on the archive in different ways.

Archival Impulse Seminar Program

12.30 Announcements

12.40 Dr Brigita Ozolins, curator

12.50 Dr Ruth Frost, curator

1.00 Kate Richards, artist

1.10 Gerrard Dixon, artist

1.20 Dr Wendy Garden, Gallery Curator, Maroondah City Council

1.30 Elisabeth Redmond, curatorial assistant, MFA candidate

1.40 Nancy Mauro-Flude, artist, PhD candidate

1.50 Jacob Leary, artist, MFA candidate

2.00 Netty Gibson, PhD candidate

2.10 Vid Ingelevics, artist, academic, University of Toronto, Canada

2.20 Questions

2.30 Close