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Art Forum - Nola Farman


Noted artists, critics, theorists and curators from Australia and abroad speak about their work

Start Date

20 Apr 2012 12:30 pm

End Date

20 Apr 2012 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre (behind the cafeteria on level one) at the Centre for the Arts, Hunter Street, Hobart

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Lectures are open to the public, admission is free -

Some Ways To Read an Artists’ Book:

Since the early 20th century the book has provided artists with a form of expression alternative to painting, printmaking, sculpture or photography and yet as an aesthetic cross-breed, it can be comprised of elements from all of these. Page, text, image, materials, shape and size are aspects of a book that can be deconstructed and reconstructed. The unexpectedness of its contents, its reflexive character and use of wit and humour, push the conventional book to the limit.