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TCotA Forum - Mish Meijers and Sally Rees


TCotA Forum is a public program of the Tasmanian College of the Arts

Start Date

9 May 2014 12:30 pm

End Date

9 May 2014 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre

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TCotA Forum welcomes all students and members of the public.

Mish Meijers and Sally ReesMish Meijers and Sally ReesMish Meijers and Sally Rees will discuss their singular works, collaboration and collegial practice in relation to their exhibition The Pickup Artists at Contemporary Art Tasmania, that attempts to marry art-making with stabs at paranormal contact. 

Meijers' work is an absurd installation of interconnected objects - an alien hunting airbrushed vehicle, lenticular photography, projection and still and kinetic sculpture, devised to creating a larger installation call and communicate with ETI.

Alternately Rees draws on ghost imagery to produce a series of artwork/decoys that aim to lure culturally savvy spirits. Hovering figures and various ‘presence tests’ appear on-screen and in projection alongside ‘haunted’ objects and a visitor-powered, ‘possessed’ chandelier.

A collaborative installation element divides the gallery and poses the question at the crux of both artists combined interests  -  ”Is there anybody there?"

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image credit: The Pickup Artists