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TCotA Forum _ Stephen Loo


TCotA Forum is a public program of the Tasmanian College of the Arts

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10 Oct 2014 12:30 pm

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10 Oct 2014 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre

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TCotA Forum welcomes all students and members of the public.

Stephen Loo

The Symphony of Nature, the Exhausted Voice and other Minute Perceptions in Deleuze's Baroque House

In The Exhausted, Gilles Deleuze's essay on the playwright Samuel Beckett, the philosopher points out that the exhausted is not just one who is tired, but one who can no longer realize the possibilities that still exist for them. To Hélène Cixous, the voice of exhaustion is breathless. It has no equivalence to writing-sense; it is disjunctive, abrupt, jerky, where combinatorial relations replace syntactic relations, with no time for whole object relations. This lecture ruminates on a phantasmagorical scene for the performance of the exhausted voice, namely an allegory of the Baroque House which open's Deleuze's treatise on Leibnizian philosophy, The Fold. In this 17th Century house, strains of the Symphony of Nature can be heard as gestural movements of organismic bodies in the theatre of visible downstairs, trigger vibrations and oscillations in the "pleats of matter" that travel upstairs to the cerebral souls residing in salon of the voice. The lecture discusses the implications of such Leibnizian "minute perceptions" for the politics and ethics of a new materialism in art and performance.

Stephen Loo is Professor of Architecture and Director of CxI (Creative Exchange Institute) and ACIPA (Academy of Creative Industries and Performing Arts) at the University of Tasmania. He has published widely on language, affect and the biophilosophy of the contemporary subject, posthumanist ethics and experimental digital thinking. His recent publications include Deleuze and Architecture with Hélène Frichot; essays on the relationship between insects, instincts and ethics in Angelaki and Parallax and a forthcoming monograph with Undine Sellbach; and an edited volume on Poetic Biopolitics with Peg Rawes and Tim Matthews is under publication. Stephen is Founding Partner of award winning architecture and interpretation practice Mulloway Studio, who is currently exhibiting at the 2014 Venice International Architecture Biennale. His artworks include A Whirlwind of Insects in the Body of a Girl, a performance with Undine Sellbach, University College London (2010) and Sydney Biennale (2012), and K2-02 with Michael Yuen, SASA Gallery, Adelaide (2009).

TCotA Forum is a public program of the Tasmanian College of the Arts.

Fridays 12.30 - 1.30pm 

Dechaineux Lecture Theatre
Tasmanian College of the Arts (Hunter St)
Centre for the Arts
University of Tasmania
Hunter Street Hobart 7000 AUSTRALIA