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TCotA Arts Forum - Kenneth Bailey - Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) - Public Kitchen


TCotA Forum is a public program of the Tasmanian College of the Arts

Start Date

1 Apr 2016 12:30 pm

End Date

1 Apr 2016 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre

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TCotA Forum welcomes all students and members of the public.


American urban designer and social activist Kenneth Bailey founded Boston's Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI) in 2005. Devoted to the improvement of civil society and everyday life, DS4SI operates at the intersections of design thinking and practice, social justice and activism, public art and social practice, and civic/popular engagement, designing and testing social interventions with and on behalf of marginalized populations, controversies, and ways of life.

Public Kitchen asks the question, "If kitchens were public--like libraries, schools and basketball courts--how could it rearrange social life? Moving away from spaces of charity like soup kitchens, which spatialise the idea that there are those who can afford to feed themselves and those who can't, and moving away from schema of moral and political judgments built into the relationship of doing (or paying) for the other, Public Kitchen works to make space and "social room" for everyone. The hunch here is that through creating a space that invites all to participate as equals, we create space for everyone's subjectivity, dignity and capacity.   

Kenneth Bailey is a UTAS Visiting Scholar with the Tasmanian College of the Arts and the Creative Exchange Institute.

Image credit: Public Kitchen. Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI)

TCotA Forum is a weekly series of free public lectures held at the Tasmanian College of the Arts (Hunter St) during the semester. TCotA Forum welcomes all students and members of the public, providing a unique opportunity to hear local, national and international visiting scholars and presenters from diverse sectors of the arts discuss their area of professional practice.