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TCotA Arts Forum | Kelly Snook


TCotA Forum is a public program of the Tasmanian College of the Arts

Start Date

31 Mar 2017 12:30 pm

End Date

31 Mar 2017 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre

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TCotA Forum welcomes all students and members of the public.

Kelly Snook | gloves

Making and Performing Music with the gloves

Kelly Snook is a music producer, engineer, and musician based in London and Portland, Oregon.  She is one of the developers of the gloves and an Adjunct Professor of Music Technology at the University of Brighton with a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering. She spent two decades as a NASA Research Scientist before turning her attention to music full-time in 2010 when she joined Imogen Heap as her music and tech assistant.  Her primary research focus is in data sonification as a scientific tool through interactive audiovisual immersive environments. Her initial project at University of Brighton is the creation an interdisciplinary Fab Lab in the College of Arts and Humanities. She also runs her own recording studio, called It's Not Rocket Science Studios, in Portland, producing and mixing music by independent musicians.

Born from founder Imogen Heap’s desire to control music in a way that felt more natural than what conventional music technologies offered, the gloves have developed into a comprehensive gestural instrument that allows for an innate connection between musician and software. In this presentation, you will learn about the technology behind the gloves, the custom software for connecting gesture to music, and how data from the gloves' sensors can be mapped to music software to create new connections between gesture and sound.

TCotA Forum is a weekly series of free public lectures held at the Tasmanian College of the Arts (Hunter St) during the semester. TCotA Forum welcomes all students and members of the public, providing a unique opportunity to hear local, national and international visiting scholars and presenters from diverse sectors of the arts discuss their area of professional practice.