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Creative Arts Forum | Anne Holck


Arts Forum is a public program of the School of Creative Arts

Start Date

28 Sep 2018 12:30 pm

End Date

28 Sep 2018 1:30 pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre

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All current students and members of the public welcome

 Image Credit: ANIMAL LOVERS Cover (2016 by Olivier Arcioli)

ANIMAL LOVERS: artistic positions on the current debate of human-animal relations

Anne Hölck is scenographer since 2002, at theatres in Germany, Switzerland and France, she lives in Berlin. Besides her theatre work she curates exhibition projects and realizes project seminars, workshops and lectures in the field of Human-Animal Studies with an emphasis on spatial and artistic research.

She publishes essays on her ongoing research project focusing on the design of zoo enclosures and the legibility of reproduced animal images in zoo architecture. She is board member of Meinblau project space Berlin that got an award of the Berlin Senat in 2015, and since 2013 responsible for the realisation and coordination of exhibitions with a team of artists. Since 2014 she curates exhibitions with a thematic focus on human-animal-relations in collaborative constallations.

Selected exhibitions include: WE , ANIMALS 2014/15 (Meinblau Projektraum Berlin, with the artists), ANIMAL LOVERS 2016 (nGbK Berlin, with Ute Hörner, Mathias Antlfinger, Mareike Maage, Friederike Schmitz), FUR AGENCY/BEARLY LEGAL– NEOZOON 2017 (Bärenzwinger Berlin, with Sebastian Häger), SWINGER – PAETZUG/HERTWECK & KERSTIN HONEIT 2018 (Bärenzwinger Berlin, with Stefan Aue and Jessica Páez), OKTO-LAB 2019/20 (Kassel/Hobart with André Krebber, Yvette Watt, Maike Riedinger, Toby Juliff).

In her Art Forum presentation, curator, scenographer and researcher Anne Hölck, based in Berlin/Germany, presents her curating practice dealing with current artistic positions on human-animal relations.

According to the transdisciplinary academic field of Human-Animal Studies a change of perspective has also emerged in the artistic research field. Our relations with animals have developed over the course of history, being in a constant state of flux and which, in our dealings with animals, are continuously being produced and reproduced anew. Addressing the agency of animals in societal spaces leads to one of the core issues: how can we perceive animals as independent actors within historical, social and cultural processes?

In her projects, Anne Hölck collaborates with artists and scientists that challenge the rigid categories applied to animals as ›the other‹ or as a projection surface for human desires and fears like working animals, livestock, mythical figures, pets or beasts. Selected art works will be shown that emphasize on seeing animals as individuals with capabilities and rights, and invite to reflect upon artistic methods dealing with medialised treatment of animals, interspecies collaboration, performing in companionship with animals and invented scenarios of architectures that speculate on the development of common habitats of humans and animals like in cities, in a future space of coexistence.

Image Credit: ANIMAL LOVERS Cover (2016 by Olivier Arcioli)

Arts Forum is a weekly series of free public lectures held at the School of Creative Arts, Hunter Street Campus, during the semester. The series provides a unique opportunity to hear local, national and international visiting artists, scholars and presenters from diverse sectors of the Creative Arts discuss their area of professional practice. All current students, prospective students, and members of the public are welcome.