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The G Files: Gallery Studies 2011


FREE exhibition at the Academy Gallery

Start Date

1 Jul 2011

End Date

22 Jul 2011


Academy Gallery

Exhibition co-ordinator: Malcom Bywaters, Director, Academy Gallery
Exhibition artists: Mat Carey, Bogil (Tyler) Choi, Tess Etherton, Shane Gould, Adeline Gwee, Jinhee Han, Rachelle Holliday, Binna Hong, Jamie Jeong, Anne O'Connnor, Rachael Parker, Catherine Studley, Sam Williams

The G Files is a group show by students studying the 2011 Winter School Gallery Studies Course. The exhibition is a professional practice experience where students have designed the exhibition, and worked on all facets of the display process from lighting to artwork labels. The exhibition showcases the University of Tasmania commitment to educating our students in the great variable of exhibition design and the display of artwork.

The G Files: Gallery Studies 2011