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Dr Cameron Bishop - Heteromania


The works of Deakin University academic Cameron Bishop

Start Date

9 Aug 2013

End Date

13 Sep 2013


Academy Gallery, Inveresk

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GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Free Admission


Exhibition curator: Malcom Bywaters  

The works of Deakin University academic Cameron Bishop conceptualise national space as a series of general and defined fields in which identity is performed. Foucault’s term, heterotopia (from the combined Greek meaning other place), focuses his work, as it designates Australia as an other place, and therefore, questions all subjectivities embraced by its mapped and imagined territories, its familiar and unfamiliar spaces, its unifying symbols and narratives, and its art and its authors.  

Bishop has exhibited artwork extensively in and around Melbourne over the last 14 years; in Dunedin, New Zealand, and a number of times in Hobart, in solo shows, and with the collaborative group, Bozo Ink. He is also developing a professional profile writing on arts education and art theory. In 2010 he contributed a chapter to the book Framing my Name: Extending Educational Boundaries and has published a number of journal articles including, in 2011, a piece entitled: 'Singing in the Wind: Beyond the Peace/War Dichotomy', for Junctures: Journal for Thematic Dialogue.

Exhibition Catalogue PDF

image credit: Heteromania, 2013, 4 x 6 x 1.4, cardboard, wood, projectors, servos, dvd players, film and digital animation - video still