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Double Rainbow


Kazuko Kizawa - Artist-in-Residence

Start Date

5 Jun 2013

End Date

12 Jun 2013


Academy Gallery, Inveresk

RSVP / Contact

GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Free Admission

Double RainbowGuest opening speaker: Malcom Bywaters, Director Academy Gallery and NEW Gallery

Exhibition opening: 5.30 - 7pm Tuesday 4 June

One morning, I saw a double rainbow.It lay across the sky for a long time, sometimes fading, then becoming vivid again, before finally disappearing.

It looked like the rainbow serpent spirit that the Aboriginal people believe in.

On bright moonlit nights, the rainbow serpent probably talks to the Moon Man spirit about the fate of our world.

An exhibition of  video installation with photographs. 

image credit: Kazuko Kizawa, Double Rainbow, digital photo, 841 x 189mm, 2013