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Tasmania Today: An Island State


A selected survey exhibition of Tasmanian artists working in Tasmania

Start Date

15 Mar 2013

End Date

19 Apr 2013


Academy Gallery, Inveresk

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GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Free Admission

Kenneth at Beaufront

Today's Tasmania is a vibrant, incredibly diverse hive of creative artists, working in a range of mediums, who are the cultural barometer of this island state. Daily they express their impressions on the many disparate forces fashioning the state's identity, in innovative works that stimulate public opinion. Tasmania Today is a rich collection of recent works featuring many nationally recognised and internationally respected artists as well as emerging talent.

Tasmania Today: An Island State will also be open for viewing on Ten Days Festival weekend times 1pm - 5pm.

Tasmania Today will be a selected survey exhibition of Tasmanian artists working in Tasmania.

  • Simon Ancher
  • Robert Boldkald
  • Tim Burns
  • Malcom Bywaters
  • Scott Cunningham
  • Mae Finlayson
  • Lola Greeno
  • Patrick Grieve
  • Patrick Hall
  • Neil Haddon
  • Susan Henderson
  • Wayne Hudson
  • Mandy Hunniford
  • David Keeling
  • David Marsden
  • Penny Mason
  • Ricky Maynard
  • Anne McDonald
  • Anne Morrison
  • Amelia Rowe
  • Troy Ruffels
  • David Stephensen
  • Marie Sierra
  • Melissa Smith
  • Paul Snell
  • Danielle Thompson
  • Philip Wolfhagen
  • Helen Wright
  • John Vella
  • Paul Zika

Exhibition curator: Malcom Bywaters 

image credit: Scott Cunningham, Kenneth D. von Bibra at Beaufront, Ross, 154 x 110cm, archival inkjet on 310gsm baryta, 2013 

Ten Days 2013