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ArtsForum - Joan Melton


Artist-in-Residence, Theatre

Start Date

9 May 2013 12:30 pm

End Date

9 May 2013 1:30 pm


Tasmanian College of the Arts (Inveresk)

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ArtsForum is a series of free public lectures held at the Tasmanian College of the Arts (Inveresk). Students and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Joan Melton Artist-in-Residence (Theatre)

Integrative Techniques and the Multi-Dimensional Performer Dr. Joan Melton is a pioneer in the integration of singing techniques and voice/movement training for the actor. The author of two major textbooks and a multi-dimensional performer herself, she is co-founder of One Voice Centre for Integrative Studies and heads a new Certificate Course designed to prepare voice specialists to work across boundaries in both theatre and music.

In 2007, Joan began a research path that has revealed physiological links among performance techniques that tend to be taught in isolation, or at least, as very separate from one another. Working regularly with speech pathologists, physiotherapists, and performers across a wide range of genres, she seeks to clarify pedagogical concepts and provide a forum for interdisciplinary communication.

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Joan Melton