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ArtsForum - Kazuko Kizawa


Artist-in-Residence, Painting/Drawing

Start Date

23 May 2013 12:30 pm

End Date

23 May 2013 1:30 pm


Tasmanian College of the Arts (Inveresk)

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ArtsForum is a series of free public lectures held at the Tasmanian College of the Arts (Inveresk). Students and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Kazuko KizawaKazuko Kizawa, Spectrum - Into the Light

Kazuko Kizawa, is a visiting artist-in-residence from Japan, she works in the mediums of video photography and installation. Her constant theme is colour and light. Current work focus on physical phenomenon to make site-specific work in Tasmania. Kazuko has had residencies in Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Finland, Norway, Spain, Lithuania and now Tasmania.

She will be presenting past and current work.

Graduate Colloquium

Darryl Rogers | MFA Candidate
Virtually Real: challenging the familiar physicality of objects and space through virtual manipulation and intervention

This project subverts the seeming solidity of the material world, by creating ambiguous spaces that appear both solid and immaterial at the same time. This project is informed by my fascination with the modes through which humans make sense of and explain the corporeal world. The final form of the project will therefore engage with and unsettle the perceptions of its audience.

At the heart of this project is the use of virtual modelling (a blend of computer-aided modelling and CGI), which while having the ability to refer to material object is developed in an immaterial non-physical context. The virtual model is not an "object" in the sense of any material presence but is a type of ephemeral generation of pure information. My process in developing this project is to use virtual modelling as both a mode of production and inquiry, which will be ultimately resolved through bringing the findings and emerging ideas from this phase of modelling into a physical space in which an audience can be present.

My project will explore a possible visual vocabulary for disrupting solidity. One approach will be to challenge the familiar physicality of objects and space. I will do this within the virtual modelling space by subverting the materiality of things: changing their physical properties so that solids become liquid, heavy becomes light, and nothing should be as it seems in regard to its familiar physical state. I will also investigate art movements that have dealt with similar ideas, including Metaphysical Art, Surrealism and New Objectivity. This investigation will inform my modelling processes through the appropriation and possible reuse of the symbols and images found within these movements.!