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The Plimsoll Inquiry – Out takes


Event instigators: Fiona Lee and Maria Kunda.

Start Date

Mar 28, 2014

End Date

Apr 25, 2014


Academy Gallery, Inveresk

RSVP / Contact

GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM Free Admission

Plimsoll Inquiry

Guest opening speaker: Dr Malcom Bywaters, Director Academy Gallery/NEW Gallery, Tasmanian College of the Arts

Exhibition opening: 5.30 - 7pm Friday 28 March

Event instigators: Fiona Lee and Maria Kunda

Academy Gallery – Street Space

Selected components of an extended gallery experiment will be staged in the Street Space of the Academy Gallery, under the title, The Plimsoll Inquiry Out Takes.

The first stage of the Plimsoll Inquiry (PI) was staged over seven-weeks in Hobart, in 2013. Its intent was to explore new types of exhibition programming and widen the scope and vision of a university gallery. Within and around the Plimsoll Gallery in Hunter St, Hobart, a series of one-off events took place. Some of these were performative, some visual, and others were conversational. They were broadly aimed at re-imagining the Plimsoll and its future in relation to its immediate precinct, wider audience, and within the context of the newly-formed statewide entity, the Tasmanian College of the Arts. The PI delivered diverse, innovative and experimental public interactions, and a second chapter will staged at Hunter Street in 2014.

The Plimsoll Inquiry Out Takes will communicate the spirit of this experimental endeavour at Inveresk.

Image credit: Animal Drawing Day - an event organised by Yvette Watt in collaboration with the Brightside Farm Sanctuary