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Spectrum-Outer space-


Kazuko Kizawa, Artist-in-Residence

Start Date

May 15, 2015

End Date

May 22, 2015


Academy Gallery, Inveresk

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Gallery open: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm, Saturday 1 - 4pm.

Spectrum-Outer space-Exhibition artist: Kazuko Kizawa, Artist-in-Residence, Tasmanian ColIege of the Arts, (Inveresk)
Exhibition opening: 5.30 - 7pm Thursday 14 May

I was walking along the Tamar River to Cataract Gorge, thinking that there used to be sacred places in this area for sure.

I think about what kind of scenery ancient people had seen, while I work on my art with the actual scenery right in front of me.

There are various things hidden in this landscape. I'm going to find them one by one.

The way we see space, which consists of color, shape and time, can be changed if the dimension is changed.

The scenery that stretches out before us contains immensities.

The exhibition is composed of video works.

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