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Towards an Origin: Michael Kay | Artist Talk


Artist Michael Kay in conversation with Dr. Malcom Bywaters at the Academy Gallery

Start Date

Aug 6, 2018 5:30 pm

End Date

Aug 6, 2018 6:30 pm


Academy Gallery, Inveresk

Image credit: Michael Kay and Malcolm Bywaters, Courtsey Examiner Newspaper

The Deeper Dimensions of Craft

Artist Michael Kay in conversation with Dr. Malcom Bywaters at the Academy Gallery

5.30pm - 6.30pm Monday 30 July


5.30 - 6.30pm Monday 6 August

What is the appeal in learning to make an object and why does it feel that through the act of making we are satisfying a deeper need in us? Why is the discipline of a craft so attractive, given any object we can make is readily purchased?

This discussion considers the role of attention and sensation in the act of making specific to Michael’s exhibition at the Academy Gallery, Towards an Origin: Michael Kay.

In a world where the “arts” are being more & more promoted in relation to the scientific, the artworks produced by Michael Kay remind us of the artist as maker. As a craftsperson Kay is primarily concerned with the traditional action and activity of making. Through the working of textiles and cloth – a working that is tied to the sensation of material – his artworks are a return to the artist as maker. The movement of the hands, the repetition of actions, the feet pressing the pedals and the sounds of the slip of the weaving shuttle all contribute to the expression of a passionate commitment to the personal activity of the artist in the act of making. The outcome of a deep experiential immersion, Kay’s textile artworks ultimately reveal themselves as signifiers of time, place and locality. His artworks are arbitrators of transformation, often returned to over an extended time period. For Kay there is no ending, completion or closure. The artworks deliver a romantic openness, one conveyed with the simplicity of landscaped texture based within a transformative process.

Although producing traditional style tapestries Kay has produced a new form of contemporary textile innovation, based on a unique “weaving and dyeing” technique. The majority of the works are woven pieces but he also works with dyed, hand and machine stitched pieces, manipulated, melted, sculptural fabric forms and interactive images using overhead projectors that allow participation by the viewer. At home within Tasmania, much of what Kay produces reflects upon the reality of living and making within an island state.

Dr. Malcom Bywaters, Exhibition curator

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Image credit: Michael Kay and Malcolm Bywaters, Courtsey Examiner Newspaper

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