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Experimental Music Ensemble - "Kontakte Linsen"

Start Date

Oct 7, 2022 7:00 pm

We are very happy to present our end of semester 2 student concerts. Live performance is the life blood of musicians, so our students from the Songwriting, Classical Performance, and Jazz and Popular Music streams are excited and eager to play. You are warmly invited  to join us and celebrate these vibrant  performances.

Experimental Music Ensemble

Kontakte Linsen

This semester Experimental Music Ensemble has hermeneutically extracted concepts and themes from one of the most important electro-acoustic works of the 20th Century, Stockhausen’s Kontakte of 1959. A work of rich musical and technological innovations, Kontakte builds on the integration of electronics and acoustic instruments in Varèse’s 1954 Deserts. Each performer in the ensemble was asked to interpret Stockhausen’s  work through their own linsen or lens (another contact definition), exploring themes of immortality, alien contact, life as an artwork, romanticism, individualism, the cultish Book of Urantia, Eastern, African, South American influences, plagiarism, anti-cheesiness, appropriation and quantum foam - an influential concept taken up in the arts from the 1950s addressing the indeterminism unleashed on the world by the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics (Einstein’s “spooky action”).

Tickets are free but registrations essential as seating is limited.

Content Warning

This performance contains Adult themes, concealed nudity, strobing light effects and explicit language. Suitable for mature audiences only.

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Image Credit: Gianni Sen