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Commercial Music Creation

Commercial Music Creation encompasses the wide world of music technology and the creative realm of music creation for media, including film, TV, games, theatre, stage, and advertising – whether this be orchestral scores for films, jazz scores for big bands, hip-hop with horns, or dream pop for internet advertising – anything is possible.

Truly a pathway for the 21st century creative musician, Commercial Music Creation offers skill development across a broad range of areas including composition and arranging techniques, sequencing, synthestration, orchestration, commercial implementation, and much more, delivered by highly respected industry professionals in a world-class facility.

In today’s rapidly shifting music industry, we equip you with the skills and the creative strategies to produce music for a range of functions and styles.

Coordinator: Matt Boden

If you would like to discuss your own practice or ambitions, contact our staff to arrange a casual consultation today.

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