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Classical Composition

Composition students are actively engaged in learning new ways to express their voices as composers – increasing their knowledge and develop good craft in writing music.

Dr Maria Grenfell, Coordinator of Classical Composition
Maria Grenfell

Composition students study the technical and expressive skills for music composition. Each semester you will complete a folio of projects designed to establish writing skills and compositional craft. Developing your ‘voice’ through the handling of instrumentation, pitch, rhythm, harmony and form.

By working with other composers and instrumentalists on specific projects, you will compose a variety of pieces, interact with ensembles, study new works, develop your knowledge of writing and analytical skills and build a portfolio of compositions.

As a composition graduate, you can pursue a career in composing for orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles. You can also work as a teacher, academic, copyist, orchestrator, music producer, music administrator, music journalist, composer for film, television, games or commercial music.

Dr Maria Grenfell

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