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Location and Facilities

The Hedberg

Due to open in 2020, the Hedberg is one of Tasmania’s most ambitious arts projects to date and will encompass the Theatre Royal and the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music.

A unique collaboration between the University and Tasmanian Government, the Hedberg aspires to be a catalyst for the performing arts and new media, while bringing the Conservatorium and its teaching into close proximity with industry. With performance taking centre stage, it will be an electric place of creativity and collaboration for all industry professionals, University students and staff, and the broader community.

As a contemporary landmark building, the Hedberg will be equipped with state-of-the-art variable acoustics, lighting and music technologies. Designed specifically for the Conservatorium, the Hedberg houses many purpose-built, soundproof and digitally equipped rehearsal and practice rooms, an integrated multi-room recording suite, and two key performance spaces – the Recital Hall and the Salon – and sound-stage and broadcast capacities.

With the Hedberg’s doors opening to students Semester 1, 2020, there has never been a better time or place to realise your creative potential than right now at the University of Tasmania.

Why the Hedberg is music to a music student's ears


The Hedberg has triple the floor plan of the current Conservatorium of Music. As a music student, you could find yourself in the recital hall, studio theatre, recording suite, creative technology studio, flexible rehearsal spaces, or at the cafe between lectures.


Whether you’re performing in a big band or a classical quartet, variable acoustics means both genres will be equally at home in the recital hall. The acoustic technology also provides new possibilities to treat space as another instrument in compositions and performances.


The Conservatorium will be equipped with new pianos when it reopens at the Hedberg*. Some of these instruments are integrated with digital technology allowing them to record, edit/transpose and play back
what the accompanist plays in real-time – even from a remote location.


With an emphasis on improved access and security, booking spaces will be made easier and you’ll have opportunities to practice safely around-the-clock. Each rehearsal space is completely soundproofed, so a string quartet can practice next to a hard rock band.


Not only will you share a building with Australia’s beloved Theatre Royal, the location of the Hedberg puts you a stone’s throw from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s Federation Concert Hall, and the School of Creative Arts and Media campus at Hunter Street.

*Subject to capital infrastructure submission approval.