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Seminar | Journalism with bite: the tale of The Terrier


The Media School Seminar Series.

Start Date

31st May 2019 4:00pm

End Date

31st May 2019 5:00pm


Room 206, The Media School, Salamanca Square

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Carol Altmann

The journalism crisis engulfing legacy media is felt even more keenly in regional towns like Warrnambool, Victoria, where the sole newspaper has been stripped of many senior staff and all of its sub editors, leaving behind a handful of reporters who rarely have the time to dig deep into local issues.

This weakening of the investigative role of the 140-year-old local newspaper has, however, opened up opportunities for experimentation with micro media projects like The Terrier: a one-person, online operation where the key to success lies in its simplicity. This presentation will outline how The Terrier is building reader loyalty not through bells-and-whistles, but utilising journalism skills accumulated over a long newspaper career and applying them in a conversational and subjective writing style that creates a direct relationship with the reader.

By bringing the reader into the reporting process in this way, there is sense of solidarity with journalism, rather than a growing separation, and a belief that even with limited resources, a community can still hold the powerful to account.

Guest Speaker | Carol Altmann

Carol Altmann worked as a newspaper journalist for about 28 years, including as a former political journalist and bureau chief with The Australian, state political reporter for The Adelaide Advertiser (where she got her nickname "The Terrier”), and chief of staff at Adelaide's Messenger Newspapers.

She is also the author of three books, including After Port Arthur, which marked the 10th anniversary of the massacre.

These days, Carol has turned her time and skills to exploring possibilities in the digital landscape for professional, independent journalism in the regions. Her website provides her community in Warrnambool, Victoria, with a journalistic “eye on the city” and advocacy around local issues, in particular politics and the environment.