Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood

Course, Workshops, and other education

Welcome to CSAW's timber processing and construction education program. This has six major components:

1. Graduate Certificate in Timber (Processing & Building)

Graduate Certificate in Timber (Processing & Building)is a four-unit online course that provides advanced skills in the design, construction and management of timber-rich buildings and structures, and the production of timber and wood products.

2. Specialist Units: Timber in Building and Design Units

Specialist Units: Timber in Building and Design are elective online units available to students enrolled in design, construction, education and similar courses in Tasmania or throughout Australia.

3. Master Classes

Occasional Master Classes are specialist short-courses that address particular technical or professional aspects of timber, its production and its use in building. They deal with manufacturing, fabrication, construction and design issues in detail.

4. Timber Workshop Program

The Timber Workshop Program includes the Australian Timber Design Workshop, Digital Fabrication with Timber Studios and other intensive skills development events.

5. Timber Design Seminars

Timber Design Seminars are occasional timber design and construction seminars held in Hobart and Launceston and other Tasmanian centres.

6. Timber Podcasts

Timber Podcasts are an expanding resource of free online videos designed to increase skill and capacity in timber design and construction. Podcasts cover wood products, timber properties, wood's environmental aspects, and technical skills.