Academic Quality and Standards

Peer Review

Peer Review of Teaching

Peer review of teaching is one of a number of methods or techniques that can be used to gather evidence about one's teaching. It is recognised as an important contributor to the ongoing evaluation and enhancement of learning and teaching, as well as a process to recognise excellence.

The Strategy for Institutional-level Peer Review 2015 lays out the principles of peer review of teaching adopted by the University and outlines the purposes, strategy, processes and responsibilities for peer review of teaching activities.

Peer Review of Assessment

Peer review of assessment is defined as:

the practice of colleagues providing and receiving feedback on one another’s unit/subject outlines, assessment tasks and marking criteria to ensure that assessment is aligned to intended learning outcomes and includes a calibration process to ensure comparability of achievement standards and an opportunity for professional learning.

Booth, Beckett, & Saunders, 2015

Resources to Support Peer Review of Assessment

To support the University of Tasmania to undertake peer review of assessment, several resources have been developed.