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eVALUate Student Survey

eVALUate is the online system for gathering and reporting student feedback on learning experiences.

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Student feedback is listened to and I feel like my opinion makes a difference when I complete the eVALUate surveys. For instance, I made comments... and the next semester, the elements I had suggested had been implemented... big thumbs up!!

A student within the 2016 Service Quality Survey [SQS]

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
$100 PrizeK.LawrenceC.BarkerH.ChenV.SavonaY.LuM.Martin
$50 PrizeD.TodhunterD.CrippsJ.SprawlingK.HallettR.AllsoppH.Berechree
$25 PrizeL.PriyadarsiniM.GambleK.FreemanR.WykerS.LaskeyL.Zhang

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Business Intelligence, Surveys & Analytics [BISA] Team
+61 3 6324 5038