Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Typical Apiaceae flowers
2. Typical Apiaceae inflorescence
3. Anisotome procumbens
4. Xanthosia pilosa
5. Hydrocotyle hirta
APIACEAE (formerly known as Umbelliferae) 2:241
The Apiaceae were formerly known as the Umbelliferae, in recognition of their most distinctive character - the distribution of flowers into umbels (often umbels of umbels). They are an important family with approximately 40 native and 11 introduced species in Tasmania. Many of the native species are alpine or subalpine. Some of the introduced species are conspicuous weeds (e.g. fennel). Apart from Xanthosia (which includes some small shrubs of dry areas), they are herbaceous with leaves in a basal rosette, often with stem leaves as well. In some species the peduncles are short, so that the flowers more or less form a head rather than obvious umbels. Lilaeopsis is an uncommon aquatic.  

Key to Genera

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