Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Senecio (Asteraceae) 2:361

S. vulgaris

S. jacobaea


S. elegans

S. velleioides

Senecio is a large, common and widespread genus in Tasmania, with 27 native herbs or slightly woody plants and four introduced species (including ragwort, S. jacobaea, and groundsel, S. vulgaris). The native species include several fireweeds (species that regenerate vigorously after fire), but also alpine rosette plants and coastal plants. The flower heads are usually bright yellow, although C. elegans has purple flowers and S. albogilvus has cream flowers. Some species have only disc flowers (e.g. S. vulgaris) or seem to (e.g. S. quadridentatus), but many have both ray and disc flowers.

Senecio macrocarpus is considered extinct. It resembled S. squarrosus, but has larger heads. S. tasmanicus is also considered to be extinct.

  S. pectinatus

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