Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Olearia persoonioides
2. Chrysocephalum semipapposum
3. Abrotanella forsteroides
4. Xerochrysum papillosum
5. *Cichorium intybus (chicory)
6. Senecio linearifolius (Fireweed)

* introduced species

ASTERACEAE (formerly known as Compositae) 2:281
The daisy family is one of Tasmania’s most diverse and widespread. It includes many native herbs and shrubs, a couple of trees, many naturalised herbs and many important weeds. Species are common in all habitats except rainforest and sedgeland. They are especially prominent in alpine areas and grasslands. 

The flowers are in compact heads that may resemble flowers. Bracts called phyllaries surround the heads. There are two flower types: tube flowers (elongate, radially symmetrical corolla tubes with short lobes) and ray flowers (asymmetrical flowers, usually with short tubes with one side extended into an elongate strap). Species may have one or both flower types, and the phyllaries can resemble ray flowers.

Key to genera
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List of Genera