Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Ozothamnus, Cassinia, Odixia (Asteraceae) 2:325, 339, 343  
These three genera of native shrubby daisies are superficially similar. They all have small to very small flower heads with only tube flowers. The heads are clustered together in compound inflorescences that often contain many heads.

The genera can be distinguished by inflorescence characters.

In Odixia (formerly known as Ixodia; two species in Tasmania) the flowers have no pappus.

Cassinia (two species in Tasmania) has chaffy scales between the individual flowers as well as a pappus. nb. Cassinia spectabilis is now known as Apalochlamys spectabilis.

The 19 species of Ozothamnus (formerly included in Helichrysum) lack these scales, but have a pappus. One species of Ozothamnus, O. selaginoides is presumably extinct and is not included in the key.

To minimise the need to dissect individual flower heads, a combined key to species is given for these genera.

Ozothamnus ledifolius

Ozothamnus obcordatus

Odixia angusta

Key to species 
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