Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. *Borago officinalis
2.*Pentaglottis sempervirens 
3. *Echium plantagineum
3. Dissected *B. officinalis flower

* introduced species

The Tasmanian flora contains 5 native and about 15 introduced species of the worldwide family, Boraginaceae. All of these are herbs, and they occur in a wide range of habitats. The species have entire, alternate leaves and flowers with five sepals and a 5-lobed, fused corolla. In most species the flowers are radially symmetrical, but in Echium species the corolla is asymmetrical. 

One common and distinctive feature of the family is the one sided cymose inflorescence - this is an elongate, spike-like structure that has flowers only on one side. It unrolls like a fern frond.

The family includes some common weeds (such as Echium lycopsis Pattersons Curse). Borago officionalis (Borage) is unusual within the Boraginaceae in that the flowers resemble Solanum (with a wide spreading fused corolla and exserted stamens forming a cone around the style).

Key to Genera
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