Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. Wahlenbergia gracilis
2. Wahlenbergia saxicola
3. Lobelia browniana
4. L. browniana
5. Lobelia surrepens
6. L. anceps
CAMPANULACEAE (includes Lobeliaceae) 2:405
The Campanulaceae are a family of herbs, represented in Tasmania by 15 native and one introduced species occurring in a wide range of habitats. They have a fused corolla, inferior ovaries. In one group of species (the Campanulaceae of the Student’s Flora of Tasmania) the corolla is symmetrical (e.g. Wahlenbergia). In another group (species formerly described as Lobeliaceae), the corolla is more or less asymmetrical and split to the base on one side (e.g. Lobelia).
Key to Genera
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List of Genera