Key to Tasmanian Dicots
1. * Amaranthus powellii
2. * A. powellii detail
3. Ptilotus spathulatus
4.  Hemichroa pentandra (nb- the Student's Flora includes this in Chenopodiaceae)
5. H. pentandra

* an introduced species

The Amaranthaceae are a worldwide family closely related to the Chenopodiaceae. The Tasmanian Amaranthaceae include a few introduced and native herbaceous species, that mostly grow in dry areas. They have small flowers in which the perianth is usually dry and coloured, and can be conspicuous. The furry inflorescences of Ptilotus spathulatus (Possum Tails) make this an unmistakable species. Hemichroa pentandra is included in the Flora of Tasmania as a member of Chenopodiaceae, but is now included in Amaranthaceae.
 Key to genera
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