Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Athrotaxis x laxifolia (Cupressaceae) 1:6  

Athrotaxis x laxifolia is a name given to the hybrids between Athrotaxis cupressoides (Pencil Pine) and A. selaginoides (King Billy Pine). These hybrids occur as uncommon plants in many places with  A. cupressoides (Pencil Pine) and A. selaginoides growing nearby. These hybrids are mostly somewhat malformed shrubs or small trees in subalpine areas, although in one high rainfall area of western Tasmania they form an extensive stand of large trees. They is fire sensitive.

The genus Athrotaxis has spirally arranged, single-veined leaves, and woody cones. The leaves of A. x laxifolia are scale-like and somewhat spreading (typically larger and more spreading than those of A. cupressoides but smaller and less spreading than those of A. selaginoides. The female cones are also intermediate in form between the true species.

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