Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Athrotaxis selaginoides (Cupressaceae) 1:7  

Athrotaxis selaginoides (King Billy Pine) is a native tree mostly found in higher altitude rainforest, although it sometimes occurs as an alpine shrub or a lowland rainforest tree. It is endemic to Tasmania. It is quite fire sensitive and is found in the rainforests of many parts of western and southern Tasmania. It isn't known in the north-east. The genus has one other species (A. cupressoides), which is also endemic to southern, western and central Tasmania. The two species hybridise (producing A. x laxifolia).

The genus Athrotaxis has spirally arranged, single-veined leaves, and woody cones. The leaves of A. selaginoides are narrow and elongated (about 10 mm long and about 2mm wide) and spread out from the stem. Leaves growing in the shade are longer, and spread more widely than leaves growing in full sun. It can become a large tree (more than 30m tall and 2m in diameter) and live for more than 1000 years. The female cones are typically about 18 mm in diameter, and the scales end in an elongate scale.


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