Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Callitris rhomboidea (Cupressaceae) 1:5

Callitris rhomboidea (Oyster Bay Pine) is a native tree (rarely a shrub in exposed sites) found on Flinders Island and near the east coast of Tasmania (and also widely in south-eastern Australia). Although it will regenerate well after fire, frequent fires will eliminate it. As a result it is restricted to low-fire parts of this very fire-prone region. It is the largest tree in this dry, open forest.

Callitris species have woody cones and leaves in whorls. The adult leaves are in whorls of three - these leaves reduced to widely spaced scales and the intervening stems are green and photosynthetic. Juvenile leaves are needle-like and spreading and are in whorls of three or four.

The female cones of C. rhomboidea are about 15mm long and wide. It is more common than the other member of this genus in Tasmania, C. oblonga, and is similar except that the female cones are not elongated and the foliage is not as blue.


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