Key to Tasmanian Dicots
Cyperaceae 4b:84
The sedge family (Cyperaceae) is a large and prominent group of herbs in Tasmania, with the second largest family of plants in Tasmania (after Asteraceae), with 21 introduced and 118 native species in a total of 20 genera.

The sedges are typically species of nutrient poor areas. Most are species of aquatic, damp or boggy habitats, though some (e.g. many Lepidosperma species and Caustis pentandra) thrive in dry heaths or forests. Most of the non-aquatic species form dense tufts with few or no conspicuous stem leaves. The leave are often hard and sometimes (e.g. Gahnia spp. and some Carex spp.) have cutting edges.

Identifying sedges can be difficult and depends on careful determination of the the structure and composition of the spikelets. Good luck...

The key to this family is still under development.

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